Introduction to Slash

Feb 13, 2022

What is Slash, anyway?

Slash is the answer to the question of the payment you have not been asking yourself and have just accepted the answer to without giving it a second thought.

Because payments work, don’t they? There’s nothing fundamentally broken about them, you might think, considering how you can say with a fair amount of conviction that the right accounts end up getting debited and credited respectively.

This is exactly where we come in.

We believe the world we see around us today, filled with technology-based solutions that would perhaps appear magic-like to human beings who lived as recently as the 20th century, was created by our collective desire to keep pushing the envelope of technology-led progress, to keep asking the right questions over and over again, to keep building solutions until we’ve created the best ones possible.

And that’s the approach we’re now taking in building Slash, a democratized payments platform that will change the way you view money, an absolutely pivotal part of modern society, forever.

We’re not your fintech-next-door

We’re not just another fintech player in the burgeoning fintech ecosystem of India. We’re different, intentionally so, in our thought processes, and importantly in our collective approach to seeking out the right kind of problems.

We’re never going to ask you to take a loan, you’ll never hear the word ‘lending’ from any corner of the Slash ecosystem, you’ll never feel being sold to, and you’ll come and stay only because you want to.

We don’t believe that one discount stands are the answer to the big questions asked of startups today, more so for the ones raising massive funding rounds, and therefore we’ll steer clear of trying to force transitory relationships with our users just to hit ill-defined targets.

We’re instead going to focus on removing friction across the entire payments ecosystem, so much so, that someday in the future you can look back at the way you used to send & receive money in disbelief.

The Payments Problem

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. Money doesn’t care though, does it? We’re not philosophers. We’re a dedicated force of nature that’s obsessed with delivering the best money experience to you both outside, and inside.

Not only are we great to look at and drool-worthy on the outside, but if you manage a sneak peek under the hood, you’ll see how robust and thoughtful, nay poetic, our tech is too.

We’re aware of and have used the multitude of payment solutions we’ve been exposed to in our lives, and therefore only create products and features that have a tangible & meaningful delta over what exists already.

Why the obsession with payments?

We’re living in a world where an incredibly large chunk of our lives takes place digitally, and all evidence points towards this increasing further with each passing year.

Consequently, our transactions, specifically monetary transactions, will continue to shift online as well, and will eventually reach a stage where we’re doing it as routinely as firing up our laptops to send that work email, or catching up on whatever’s latest on Netflix.

Why, then, not obsess over something that all of humanity has designed their lives around for millennia, money? Why is sending and receiving money still not as seamless as sharing your favorite pictures, or whatever’s on your mind in under 280 characters?

We want to turn that question on its head and make it obsolete by delivering a payments experience that’s actually smooth as butter. And no, we’re not just saying it.